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About Us |

Brokerage is a strict and complicated area of business but one that is also very lucrative, making it an attractive prospect for long-term investments. Many traders and investors across the world choose the brokerage industry to start a new business or to expand their investment portfolio. Entrepreneurs can face many obstacles with setting up their own brokerage, but with Popcorn Technology Оne Box Solutions you can be sure to succeed.

Meet the team

How we work


At Popcorn Technology, we believe that the true key to success is based on a skilled team of experienced and highly motivated experts. We have years of experience within the brokerage industry and have built a team of high-skilled marketers and strategists to advise our new broker startups. We offer unique and high developed solutions, tuned personally for your business needs.



  • New strategies to attract leads for your business
  • Most up-to-date marketing strategies
  • Advanced CRM to manage lead information
  • White Label Solution based on MT4 – the world’s most popular and top-ranked trading platform

Complete Brokerage Solutions


Popcorn Technology was developed with the aim of being 360-degree One Box solutions for brokerage businesses.


We offer a modern CRM and a perfectly tuned Back Office (Trader’s Area), which can be fully integrated with the affiliation system of your choice. We also offer auto dealer, a friendly telephony API which connects to any VOIP technology and MT4 trading platform.


Starting a new business can be tough, but with Popcorn Technology at your side, your brokerage business is sure to become a success.


Popcorn Technology was created to help you with all your brokerage endeavors, and our team is ready to provide you with 24/7 support.