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The 5 Points You Need to Know to Become A Cryptocurrency Broker in 2021

If you are trying to launch a cryptocurrency brokerage or platform, you are not the only one. We mention this because the global cryptocurrency industry is expected to hit USD 4.5 billion within the next few years. The world of cryptocurrency is fast, fluid, not simple! Though it is a big explosion, it is not rocket science. Through a good view of the industry and thorough analysis, you will pave the way for growth.


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A Forex Solution Developed for Speed

Although the forex market may not undergo major shifts connected with the pandemic and does not see a decrease in sales, the current paradigm demands a change in the company strategy. After a few months of lockdown, what matters is the level of return to normality to start making up for a missed time as quickly as possible. Many businesspeople planning to start a Forex company had to delay this decision or reconsider the current strategy. The pandemic has had a strong effect on investor behavior, especially in regions where the conventional paradigm of cooperation centered on personal relationships is still prevalent


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To Forex White Label or Not

“How do I get a white label?” is a question we are often asked at Popcorn. Because we are a technology provider and not a brokerage, a white label in the purest sense is not one of our product offerings. What Popcorn does offer, however, is something more extensive than a white label, namely the tools and support required to establish an entire FX brokerage.


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The Ultimate 2021 Guide To Selecting A Forex CRM

The Forex world is highly dynamic in nature. Brokerage firms are constantly obliged to build upon or sustain their existing profit margins. When the margins plunge, the forex brokers are forced to deal with a plethora of complications to meet the demands in the existing markets.


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It Is Easy To Set Up Your Own White Label Brokerage with Popcorn’s Solutions

Setting up your own online trading solution can be time-consuming and expensive. You need to source a platform, add liquidity from multiple providers, address operational and regulatory issues and post significant margin. This ties up your operating capital – capital that could be better used elsewhere in your business.


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Choosing A Forex White Label Solution

If you wish to commence with a brokerage business from scratch, there are a lot of avenues you can opt for. Generally, the method of going about with every process and paperwork independently is usually done by entities that possess a high amount of investment capital and are well-versed with the entire procedure as such. A simpler and quicker alternative to that procedure is going for the route of a white label stock brokerage


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