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A Forex Solution Developed for Speed

A Forex Solution Developed for Speed

Although the forex market may not undergo major shifts connected with the pandemic and does not see a decrease in sales, the current paradigm demands a change in the company strategy.

After a few months of lockdown, what matters is the level of return to normality to start making up for a missed time as quickly as possible. 

Many businesspeople planning to start a Forex company had to delay this decision or reconsider the current strategy.

The pandemic has had a strong effect on investor behavior, especially in regions where the conventional paradigm of cooperation centered on personal relationships is still prevalent. Brokers whose customers were accustomed to traditional offline deposits often underwent significant changes. Although the recession has bypassed the industry, specific reforms must allow brokers to adjust to the current realities. 

Too Many Solutions to Many Choices

There is a range of solutions on the market that provide a simple configuration of the trading platform. It seems like the proverbial week is expected. However, certain features cannot be missed, such as a payment mechanism that offers easy deposits or offers liquidity for consumer purchases on your trading platform. And without this, you cannot run a good forex company. Integrating payment solutions or having a liquidity supplier on your own takes time and raises prices, which can be a massive deterrent to companies investing in new companies. 

How to Find the Right Solution?

As one of the market leaders, Popcorn has provided a variety of its clients with turnkey forex, CFD, and cryptocurrency brokerage strategies leveraging its trading platform, proprietary technologies, and liquidity, allowing them to give their clients a wide range of trade, trading, and investing options in various asset classes with advanced trading platforms. 

The biggest challenge is distinguishing from other industry competitors to be better positioned to start up a viable enterprise. Generally speaking, the CFD trading platform should be user-friendly with a safe payment gateway and a seamless withdrawal process for customers. All of this includes a thorough understanding of how binary, forex, and crypto contracts operate on a global platform. It follows that the simplest and most comprehensive way to do this is to set up a primary brokerage firm. 

The One Box solution from Popcorntec is a brilliant way to get off in a dash. Still, many customers looking for a platform do not yet have a registered company, and even though the process is quite simple, it may take a long time for an inexperienced person. 

Speed and Technology

To speed up the whole process, the technology supplier also undertakes all the formalities relevant to the enterprise's establishment and advises the organization along the way. 

Our strategy also includes the Client Backoffice, which fulfills the broker's CRM role to speed up onboarding and boost overall management. Already integrated Payment Gateways offer appropriate purchases via bitcoins, cards, wire transfers, and pledge immediate deposits to trading accounts. 

The Popcorn approach is complete with a functional website, including registration forms incorporated with Client Office CRM to optimize transfer from visits to open accounts. Finally, a broker who prefers a Popcorn One Box Solution can also take advantage of preferential liquidity requirements such as no minimum monthly payments or tight spreads and leverage. 

What Do You Need and What Do You Get?

It is all the same; with Popcorn, you get it all.

  • Business registration support
  • MT4 and a propriety Web Traders with a branded trading platform
  • Client Back office
  • Forex CRM system with multi-level IB Module
  • Payment Gateways – and 3rd party payment setups
  • A professional website
  • Forex and crypto liquidity

Experience in the industry and comprehensive service can save a lot of time and result in a solution thanks to which business will develop for many years. The best answers are smart solutions with experienced providers. 

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