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Broker Solutions

Broker Solutions

Forex is a financial subject that is appealing to many business investors but is typically out of reach to many. Not unless you are immersed in a commercial network of unsmiling brokers, you may not hear much about it or the experiences of brokers, who make use of the broker solutions to successfully make money from it.

The high slide of the US dollar starting from the year 2002 has paved the way for many investors to venture into the international currency markets. Forex trading is a round-the-clock business for dedicated brokers, with open markets almost everywhere. 

For investors considering forex trading, you can peg your long-term financial success on modern tools at your disposal. You no longer need to go through endless obstacles by setting up your brokerage firm. With Popcorn Technology One Box solutions, you are one the right path to success.

Forex Broker Solutions for Startup and Existing Brokers

Setting up your brokerage firm as a broker may need a lot of investment, which includes installing advanced software. Popcorn Technology provides you with a full white label MT4 trading platform solution, which is integrated with a robust technological platform as well as dedicated IT support, should the need arise. If you are a startup, our team will work hard to support all of your technical and marketing needs to ensure the smoothest experience when you are first entering the market. 

We at Popcorn Technology offer you a trading platform, either as a startup broker or an established one. Nothing will stop you from investing in a business venture that will assure you stable profits. 

Our full-suite one-box solution is built to meet all your business investment needs. They include the following:

  • A fully-branded website;
  • CRM, Back office and affiliate systems;
  • Wide range of trading tools for your clients;
  • 24/6 customer support.

Popcorn Technology White Label Services

Popcorn Technology Solutions strives to provide you with everything you need in one box. We offer you complete, innovative, fast, and most reliable MT4 platform, including a wide selection of tools:

  • MT4 White Label Trading Platform
  • Institutional Liquidity
  • Broker Solutions

How our Forex Broker Solutions Work

We in Popcorn Technology believe that, with a skilled team of experienced, motivated, and qualified experts, you can push your business to the next level. We borrow a lot from our vast years of experience in the brokerage industry.

We take pride in offering unique and developed solutions that go a long way to helping you create a reliable brokerage and leave a lasting mark on the industry. We will work with you to develop tailor-made and personal strategies that fit your business perfectly.

We hold on to a successful premise that: Our clients come first. And we enjoy seeing them succeed. 

What are the Available Opportunities for you?

Our primary goal is to ensure that you get everything that you need to make your brokerage business a complete success. We offer you a complete software system that takes care of everything with a click of a button. Here is a list of features that you will gain by working with Popcorn Technology:

  • Novel approaches to attract leads to your business – This entails helping you understand your clientele and how best to attract them and convert them to your brokerage firm.
  • Most up-to-the-minute marketing tactics – This entails approaches that will help you to spark your creative marketing energy and come up with marketing campaigns that will resonate best with your intended audience. This also includes strategies that will help you to gain a competitive edge in the brokerage industry.
  • Progressive CRM to take control of your lead information – This includes helping you to manage your clienteles' journey, make achievable projections, keep control of your clientele and marketing data. 
  • A wide-array of unfailing PSP – This entails working with a reliable single channel PSP that will not fail you when it comes to processing a wide range of payments or transactions. They are efficient and secure. 
  • White Label Solution based on MT4 – A global trading platform that is top rated by brokers everywhere

Wrapping up,

We in Popcorn Technology, take pride in offering 360-degree One Box Broker Solutions כםר טםור brokerage businesses. 

We offer an avant-garde CRM as well as a faultlessly tuned Back Office (Trader's Area) that can be completely integrated with an affiliation system of your preference. In addition, We also offer an auto dealer, a user-friendly telephony API that links you to any VOIP technology and MT4 foreign exchange trading platform for your avid clients. 

We are ready to help you take your brokerage business to a whole new level. We are available 24/6. Call us on +44203 5144 779 or email us on info@popcorntec.com. Contact us today, and let's make a change in your brokerage business investment. 

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