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Everyone is asking what does a forex white label cost?

forex white label cost

If you’re looking for the optimal Forex White Label solution, you need to learn more about Popcorn Technology. Popcorn provides a unique trading technology infrastructure to minimize your start-up costs and reduce your on-going operating cost. The main advantage of our solution is the connection of a reputable trading platform and complementary high-tech services for brokers, along with technological support offered by Popcorn Technology. 

Ask The Important First Question

One of the first questions we get from potential new clients at Popcorn Technology is how it must do all this cost. How much cash do I need to have, what are the fees? 

Most new clients are focused on their upfront costs and completely disregard other expenses, such as advertising and marketing, lead acquisition, third party add ons, service costs, development costs, and banking as well as payment processing costs. 

One of the costliest upfront costs has little to do with your brand set up charges are your legal fees. Your upfront legal fees can be relatively high, depending on your country and regulatory authorities after legal fees come the immediate cash flow needed for marketing and business operations. 

Your set up prices are a one-time fee, and your legal business fees are usually single time costs. Too many new business people get so focused on these costs and pay little attention to the amount of cash that they will need to launch their brand.

First of all, time is money, and you don’t want to overpay. That’s why, regardless of your experience in forex business, you should start by finding a partner, be it, forex consultant or technology provider. 

Searching For The Best Providers

Look for providers such as Popcorn Technology that operate as FX one-stop-shop offering assistance in white label brand setups, providing technology and IT support, and turnkey solutions that will help you acquire customers. Remember that white label forex broker cost is more than just set up fees. 

Remember to pay attention to future costs, as it will have a crucial impact on your FX brokerage business.

Most of the new FX brokers or Cryptocurrency companies lack experience in some areas which concern conducting this specific type of business. Therefore we offer all our clients needed business expertise and advisory services regarding legal issues, risk management, sales strategy, technology, and any other service which is required.

White Label Forex Broker Cost

We have successfully built a network of agents around the world, who can help you establish a new company in the desired jurisdiction. They will advise you regarding the most suitable solutions in terms of time, cost, and usability. Our partners can also assist you with obtaining a Forex or Crypto license in Europe, Asia, or Africa to conduct your business according to all legal requirements.

Endless Branding Possibilities.

Popcorn offers the MT4 platform, which is fully customizable to support your efforts in building your brand awareness. Add your logo, colors, and decide on the name of the app, be it web, desktop, or mobile. Popcorn takes care of all the MT4 fees

FX Market Requirements

Our MT4 platform is distinguished by ease of use. Traders can fully synchronize settings between the web, mobile, and desktop, and easily switch between accounts.

Easy Installation by Popcorn

There is no need to undergo an approval process in Google Play or Apple Store if you would like to make your branded app easily downloadable. Our application is developed in a cutting edge technology to be deployed straight to your website and easy to install by the user.

Transparency And Simplicity

Our easy to use interface was designed to attract all types of traders, regardless of their experience. It supports trading decisions by providing all the required information.

No more hassle with markups on charts. All charts in our platforms are drawn at the same prices as they are visible in the market watch of the forum.

Seamless integration

Our MT4 platform is fully integrated with Popcorn’s CRM and back office. 

Flexible trading Platform

There are no restrictions in adding new instruments, setting up markups, commission, and leverages. Run your Forex business at an extremely affordable price with the market’s most recognized trading software. 

Third-Party Providers

Supplement the platform with proprietary tools and complementary bundles to grow your business even faster. Build a strong brand by providing your clients with a personalized experience. Leverage numerous customization options in our WL manager to get your unique solution.

Up Front Fees

Becoming an online forex broker requires a relatively small upfront investment but can also be very profitable in the long term. If you’re already successfully operating as an introducing broker, you should consider starting your own FX brokerage business.

If you’re looking for the most respected Forex White Label solution with the best costs, you need to contact Popcorn Technology now. 

Popcorn provides a unique trading technology infrastructure to minimize your start-up costs and reduce your on-going operating cost.

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