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Five important things that all brokers needs

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As we provide turnkey pack solutions for both start-ups and exciting brokers, we always face various challenges and help our clients to solve their ones. At the time of writing of this article, we have a list of 20 points of necessities for brokerage. Thus, we’ve chosen 5 of them: most common and necessary things, which are fundamental of any successful brokerage. 

CRM. PopcornTec's CRM was precisely designed to solve a mass of issues which may appear in the everyday work of your brokerage. Our CRM is also set up to be easy to understand by your manager’s team.

Personal Area for Broker. Every process you may need in work can be found in one place with a suitable interface. Here is a “commander’s place” to be up to date with every process even remotely. You can keep everything under control 24/7, manage your time correctly, so, there is no need to sit in the head office.

MT4 and everything connected with it to support its work. White Label MT4 is a new space to be fully optimized for your business purposes and comfort. We offer you a full turnkey decision in almost one click. There are not many proposals in the world better than this. Add it to our responsibility and trustworthy and enjoy results.

Payment system. Nearly the most subject area of this business. We guide the best payment systems at MT platforms:

a) payment systems are directly connected to the world exchange systems,

b) feel free transfer, deposit and withdraw payment,

c) we made everything possible to the comfort and safety of our clients (and their clients too)

Marketing Solutions. We provide you with relevant, creative, and actual content solutions. They are actually for modern trends and tastes, as well as appropriate. Apart from other important features of Popcorn Technology, it is vital to represent your product before an audience and among competitors. Well-thought marketing and creative solutions are the keys to your high reputation.



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