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Get the 7 things that Popcorn Technology can save for your brokerage!

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#PopcornTechnology is a young company with a team of skilled and dedicated specialists in a #brokerage area. We exist to provide our clients with the best and high-developed solutions for #brokers and their business (both existing and startups). We have in-depth experience in this business and want to share the best and most effective solutions with you.

This business has many sides of development, and we try to involve most of them in the solutions for our partners. That’s why they are as conservative as innovative at the same time, and both are maximum effective too. 

Let’s take a short look at seven things offered by #Popcorntec that can save your #brokerage or change it to a better!


We’ve designed our #CRM to solve any issues which may appear in the everyday work of your brokerage. It is backed on our practical experience in the #brokerage, including tech and a lot of other details.

Broker’s Area

The place where you can check, control, manage, and correct any process connected to the business. This is your inner head office with a lot of tools, easy to navigate and understand.

MT4 platform

#WhiteLabel #MT4 is the best solution to your business purposes and comfort. The #MT4 basic solutions include everything demanded to start brokerage and supporting it in a process.

Payment system

Payment systems are directly connected to the world exchange systems, making operations easy, fast, reliable, and comfortable for our clients.

VOIP and Auto Dialer

We’ve made it possible for you to plug and play any #VOIP provider to #PopcornTec #CRM. Be in connection with your clients with #AutoDialer, set up by our best specialists.

Reports & Notifications

Our tech solutions, for example, #CRM, are set up to provide you with analytical reports. They are very varied and can be sorted by source, dates, language, statuses, and more. Add smart leads management to this, with their lead cards, campaigns, and more to increase you involve in business and efficiency!

Marketing Solutions

Tech is a backbone, and creative is the face of your #brokerage in the world market. Tech solutions are the backbone, but #marketing is a way to attract new customers to try an effective #brokerage with you! So, in addition to our tech-based products, we provide our customers with a creative team of dedicated and relevant members.



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