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How Do You Find the Best MT4 white label provider?

MT4 white label provider

Choosing a white label forex platform

When you are operating a forex white label program, you must secure the best white label forex platform. This is a critical point that needs to be kept in mind when you start deciding on a forex technology provider. Many forex trading platforms offer free services, but it is the biggest mistake you will ever make in the forex trading. It is necessary to research the trading platform provided by the white label technology provider you are considering before you opt for their services.

Offering only the best white label forex platform

You can easily skip the time required to learn about all the platforms offered in the marketplace by only going with forex technology providers that provide the world-renown MT4 platform.

A trading platform is a solution for the software or the application which is used for trading. Now the general idea behind all of the software is the same. They are all made for trading, and they will give you options that will allow you to trade. However, they do have many different options, and many of them are built with other target markets in mind. If you want to have the right start in trading, you should choose the right software.

Deciding on an mt4 white label provider

MetaTrader by MetaQuotes is simply put the most widely used forex platform solution out there. It will not be an exaggeration to say that most traders are using an MT4 platform currently. 

Why would you go with MT4 instead of a proprietary trading solution? Because when you go with MT4, you have the freedom to trade the way you want to trade instead of being locked in a proprietary design. 

Reviewing the Variations of white label forex platforms

The platform that you select will decide the technology used. The technology of your forex program should be quick and effective. It should be responsive and easily used on any type of device. 

When considering a prospect, don't forget to think about the platforms they support. 

If it works on mobile, does it work on both iOS and Android OS? 

What about Windows OS?

Determining other Technologies Needed

The technology should also work well at the back-end of the business and other systems that you may be integrating. MT4 offers all the variations of trading platforms, including web traders, a downloadable station, all mobile apps, and is usable on iOS and Windows devices. 

MT4 offers the best trading and analytical technologies required for running a forex broking business

  • Instant Trading & Execution
  • Superb Analytical Tools
  • Compatible With All Devices

Your choice in a forex technology provider narrows when you decide to choose an mt4 white label provider. This will help you select only the best providers as they offer all the variations of the MT4 white label trading platform. 

CRM and Back-office development

It is also vital that your mt4 white label provider also provides all the necessary technological solutions including a dynamic CRM and an easy to use, customizable back-office product. You must be able to integrate all your customer information and bring together all in a cohesive manner that provides you all the business analysis and intelligence you require to operate successfully. 

The Popcorn CRM Integration & Management Solution 

The Forex CRM Integration & Management Solution from Popcorn Technology is the best choice for you if you want to fulfill the above demand. 

Save time and money by managing your sales through the unique Popcorn's Customer Relationship Management system, has been developed from the ground up for forex brokers. The Popcorn solution provides a world-class Forex Traders Client Area Management system. Our back-office and CRM provide amazing features & functionalities with total privacy, great experience, insights, and analytics.

The benefits of choosing the Popcorn's Technology as your mt4 white label provider:

  • Branded, customized platform
  • Customizable CRM for Forex Trading
  • Business Analysis with an exception back-office
  • Trader KYC documentation
  • Easy Third-Party Integration
  • Seamless incorporation of technology
  • Support around the clock
  • Training
  • Marketing toolkits
  • Great customer service
  • Ability to offer clients a 'sub white label.'
  • Individually managed IB programs and subs.

Putting It All Together

One of the most outstanding services you can expect from Popcorn Technology is its professional consulting service. Dedicated and experienced professionals lead this team. They can guide you and navigate through all alternatives and steps to get your forex brokerage open and operating and will help you find your success. 

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