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How Do You Want To Become A White Label Forex Broker?

White Label Forex Broker

The Perfect Forex Broker Startup Package

The forex online trading market has quickly become one of the fastest growing online business sectors. Businessman looking for new opportunities are quickly becoming forex brokers. With the new easy to use white label smart broker solutions offered by Popcorn Technology the process of starting a new brokerage is an inexpensive investment with low startup costs.

Popcorn will guide you through the entire process with our forex broker startup package.

Popcorn technology offers an entirely white label forex broker solution. You will get everything you need.

  • The MT4 Platform solution including
    1. Webtrader
    2. MT4 downloadable platform
    3. Full Mobile Capabilities for Android and Apple
  • The Popcorn Technology dynamic, customizable, fully integrated CRM
    1. Improve Conversion and Retention rates
    2. Increase Client Longevity
    3. Outstanding management and reporting
  • The Popcorn back-office that works for hand in hand with our CRM
    1. The best business analysis in the industry
    2. Customizable reports
    3. Maintain groups and role levels

The White Label Forex Trading Platform Solution

The only forward-facing part of your business is your trading platform and your customer service follow up. The service you provide to your existing clients is brand driven and is up to you as the provider to determine.

This leaves your trading platform a key to your B2B business. It represents you every day to your potential new clients and your existing clients.

Popcorn solved this problem for our white label broker startups.

We provide the MT4 smart broker solution. Our white label solutions include the use of a customize Webtrader and Mobile application using the MetaTrader technology, offering advanced charts, technical indicators, expert advisors and more.

We also provide the world’s leading downloadable MT4 solution. Your traders have access to all of them and can trade as they like. The platforms are fully brand customizable. 

More than 95% of the forex brokers offer this platform on their websites. It is one of the most complete trading platforms out there with many features.

The range of features was one of the main reasons the MetaTrader4 went viral when the platform was first introduced in 2005. Some of the key features which made trading and market analysis easy were:

  1. The multiple charts setup with integrated and easy to use charts
  2. The navigator window
  3. The market watch window
  4. The indicators window
  5. More than 80 pre-installed indicators
  6. Automated trading

The Popcorn CRM Is The Perfect Solution For A White Label Brokerage

Popcorn offers the ultimate Forex CRM & Back office

With our solution, your only job is to attract clients - we'll do the rest.

100% Tested Optimized workflow.

Expect a massively heightened work ethic from all of your departments. Our CRM contains features that will significantly improve day-to-day routine, making all work processes easier.

With our back-office solutions, you will save huge amounts of time on preparing reports and monitoring your clientele.

Popcorn offers Professional solutions to manage clients' profiles. Popcorn provides a complete range of tools and controlling mechanisms for the Marketing and Sales departments.

Popcorn’s CRM and back-office provide comprehensive reporting systems that are easy to customize to improve your business analysis and intelligence.

Our CRM allows you to manage groups and individuals, affiliates and IBs. Your IBs can access your customized CRM and even manage their associated IBs.

Manage your KYC documents and approve clients. Monitor deposits and withdrawals easily. Integrate internal notifications and live chat functions.

Test Drive the Popcorn smart broker solutions

All In all, the Popcorn solution offers you everything you need to get started on the right foot, with award-winning client support and services. The client and sales staff are the perfect consultants to assist you in launching your forex business or expanding your current business.

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