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How Much Does An MT4 License Cost?


Those who wish to organize a brokerage company must face the task of choosing and purchasing a trading terminal. MetaTrader is a reliable and powerful platform that will provide traders with high-quality Forex trading, and a broker with a stable income. 

The trading terminal provides the solution to such tasks:

  • Processing of trade operations
  • Account management
  • Broadcast quotations
  • Implementation of backup
  • Security system operation

To run your own brokerage company, you need to invest a lot of capital and resources- of course. Such investments should eventually lead to you making this money back. An MT license can be purchased, in which case you will be the owner of unique security. But you need to consider that it is not necessarily a cheap option: buying a license will cost you at least $100,000. However, there is a way to minimize costs during the launch of your brokerage company, as 85% of all novice brokers choose to rent a license under the White Label program as a much cheaper alternative.

White Label is a modern model of cooperation when one company produces a product, and the second one sells it under its own brand. The main point of collaboration lies in the fact that product manufacturers can focus entirely on the product itself, and not on its marketing, production infrastructure, and other issues.

White Label trading software from Popcorn Technology helps you create a business under its brand and minimizes financial spending.

The advantages of such cooperation are:

  • providing quality service under their brand;
  • small initial capital;
  • using Metatrader under a personal logo;
  • providing technical support;
  • setting your trading conditions.

For new brokers, it is not always affordable to buy Metatrader at full price. Therefore, White Label is an ideal option for saving the company's funds during the opening and promotion of a new business. Your partner company gets all the necessary resources to work in the forex market and pays a small commission to its provider.

By purchasing White Label from Popcorn Technology, you get a new client terminal that fully meets all the requirements of your customers. Our highly qualified specialists will help you with server maintenance.

Our team will always assist and will gladly help you start your own brokerage business with high-quality technical services. We have been in this market for a long time; we have considerable experience and competence to help you with practical advice, we are ready to give you the advice to save you money and increase your income. So feel you free to contact us today to find out more!



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