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How to move from Affiliate to IB (Independent Broker)

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Hello there! Today we will take a short (as usual) look at the things, needed to make a step from a common affiliate to an entrepreneur or business broker - Independent Broker (IB). You don’t need to decide what business area is your own - you’ve decided this. The next steps are quite simple; they are freely available in the Web; we just compiled them for reminding:

  1. Idea’s researching. Brokerage isn’t about “first-mover advantage,” so, you need to spend some time and resources on consultations with highly skilled professionals and wage everything important for it.
  2. Business Plan. Ask friends who had a deal with a brokerage or hire brokerage experts to make a roadmap of your business developing. 
  3. Business Structure. How is the plan to work with all the taxes and papers is another important option in your “to-do” list, before starting a brokerage?
  4. Teambuilding. Think about your dream team and how it must look like. This need to be based on your tastes and comfort, style of work, as well as your business purposes. Ask your friends or skilled pro’s from a side to explore their experience.

If you feel confident in your skills, you can try to test yourself in a brokerage and become an independent broker (IB). We’ve talked about general advice in such a case, but I’m sure you do need more certain steps. We have a view on providing two types of services:

For affiliate, we are providing high tech #CRM solutions with high integrations level for different and highly required services. Choose to work with #CFD, #crypto, #FX or not… Because we integrated everything needed to work with every type of liquidity (and much more!).

For those affiliates who feel confident to expand their income, we are providing full brokerage solutions with White Label platform (#whitelabel). You will get all necessary and expanded toolkits, needed to get ahead in the #brokerage.

#PopcornTechnology will be glad to consult you about every question about the #brokerage listed above and even more. We can help you to go through all the processes by starting your #brokerage business. Our skilled team is keeping its hand on a pulse of every actual process in an area. We like to help our partners to feel confident and sure in their future. 


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