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Popcorn Technologies for Brokerage: All You Need In Box

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Choosing a CRM is an important and responsible step. What are the three main pillars of successful brokerage’s start? Our team is sure that they are the following:

  1. Marketing
  2. Technical decisions
  3. Sales

What will you gain in return with such CRM? The answer is simple; that’s definitely what you need for a profitable business. You’ll take close business control with our up-to-date and effective marketing toolkit, leading your business to regular income and you - to the confidence in its progress.

Popcorn Technology offers you an intelligent developed CRM, fully optimized to your business purposes and aimed to be a key factor of steady business growth. 

In short, it is optimized to make you confident in your investment’s return. 

What are the main advantages of PopcornTec’s CRM? We’ve collected them in one place:

  1. Integration with the MT4/5 trading platform
  2. Adapted to mobile, tablets and desktops 
  3. Smart leads management with lead cards, campaigns and more
  4. VOIP and Auto Dialer: plug and play any VOIP provider to PopcornTec’s CRM
  5. Analytical reports: sort by source, dates, language, statuses and more
  6. Calendar and automatic notifications for your agents 

CRM’s management is quite simple both for a business owner and his managers. All these and many other options are structured in your personal Trader’s Area, where you can control EVERY process!


Feel free to contact us to learn more or ask any question about Popcorn Technology 

Request your CRM Demo today 

Contact us at info@popcorntec.com  +44 203 5144 779

We will do everything necessary to give you the best service.

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