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Popcorn Technology Offers The Best White Label Trading On The Market

MT4 white label solution

Why Is The Popcorn Trading Platform From Metatrader The Best

The Popcorn MT4 white label solution offers you the most advanced trading platform available in the market. If you are interested in setting up your own forex brokerage, then it is crucial to select a stable and reliable forex trading platform that your clients will use for both live and demo trading.

Popcorn offers the world renown MT4 trading platform as part of their white label solution. You can fully customize the MT4 platform to blend in your brand. You can offer your traders an all-inclusive, easy-to-navigate and secure online trading experience on the most popular forex trading platform under your brand.

Popcorn offers a fully tailored solution including hosting and connectivity.

It is a smart move to start off with a white label trading platform that is known and respected.

Why Is The MT4 White Label Trading Platform The Right Choice

Popcorn offers the MetaTrader 4 platform in all the formats that you need.

  • Easy Access Webtrader
  • Downloadable MT4 Station
  • Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices

What are the benefits of the Popcorn white label trading platform

The MT4 products offer several major benefits:

  • Access to multi-leveled liquidity pools
  • Trade confirmation flow to order management systems
  • Customizable liquidity bridges
  • Execution of bid/offer from the top providers
  • Quotes are aggravated with the best market prices.

When it comes to the bottom line, all brands are looking for a white label trading platform that fulfills all of your requirements.

  1. Exceptional user experience
  2. 100% uptime and stability
  3. Flawless accessibility
  4. Perfect trade execution

What Else Do You Need From A White Label Trading Software Provider

Defining your needs when you are looking for a white label trading software package is important. If your first item on your list is your trading platform then we have you covered. The best trading solution can vary for different individual investors and depends on their particular preferences. At Popcorn you get them all under the MT4 label of excellence.

When you are researching a while label forex trading platform, make sure you get the most flexible, customizable and respected technology, there are other important features that you should be looking into when you are searching for the perfect white label trading software package including an advanced easy to use CRM and an flexible back-office solution.

The Popcorn Back-Office and CRM Solution

The Popcorn MT4 white label solution comes complete with a dynamic CRM and an advanced back-office, which all together spell a trio of success.

Popcorn brings you a fully equipped decked out back-office system that is ready to run. It is easily customized and personalized to fit your needs and requirements. The Popcorn back-office is Intuitive and powerful with complex options including MiFID reporting packages.

The system comes with fully customizable settings for group and individual account level. Set exposure limits by client, client group or instrument. The Popcorn back-office while label software was developed exclusively for forex brokerages to accommodate extra features for a forex broker and its clients. This improves the brokerage services and allows you to work in the most efficient manner. In their effort to offer the most outstanding CRM and back-office Popcorn strives to keep their technology state of the art and to outpace the competitors the Popcorn white label crypto exchange software has now been fully integrated into your offerings.

When you combine the Popcorn back-office with its flexible, and Smart CRM you have everything you need. Setup new clients, execute deposits and withdrawals, observe live trading activity of your clients and view overall portfolio performance. The Popcorn back-office and CRM were developed in unison so they work effortlessly with each other complimenting their features.

Manage Partners and Groups

You can manage all of your partners and share data and reporting with top level IBs.

Our CRM allows you to set different trading groups, spread markups, commissions and users all from one place. Keep your client data safe and secure in your CRM or other external database. The Popcorn CRM allows for fast easy integration of third-party providers.

The Success Trio

Popcorn’s back-office, CRM and MT4 trading platform are seamlessly integrated and function in harmony, reducing your workload while giving you advanced data analysis easily and quickly. Together you have a trio destined to succeed

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