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Popcorn Technology Provide The Best Forex CRM Software

Best Forex CRM Software

Is your staff hitting a brick wall and failing to onboard new customers? Do you struggle with tracking affiliate earnings? 

Are you new to the industry and in need of a customer relationship management system that is intuitive and that integrates with existing tools you already know and love, to ensure you hit the ground running?

A CRM for Forex Brokers

From the outset, a Forex brokerage needs to look professional. It needs to have its house in order. In an environment where large sums change hands on a daily basis, trust and professionalism cannot be overstated.

A competent forex brokerage will require the best Forex CRM system that is accurate, easy to use and stacked with functionality. 

The financial markets are a living, breathing entity and can move rapidly at a moment’s notice. It has never been more crucial than it is today, to be able to communicate with clients quickly and clearly.

If you are considering starting a brokerage, then a Forex CRM system will help you to acquire clients and keep them in the loop and throughout the entirety of their journey with you.

No matter if you have a sizeable pre-existing brokerage firm or you're a start-up doing it all by yourself, workflows need to be streamlined. In an environment where time literally is money, you need to know you are focusing on the correct tasks at the right time, and not wasting resources on work that ultimately doesn't increase customer satisfaction or your bottom line. 

Our system integrates with MT4 which is recognised and popular amongst industry professionals the world over, primarily for its ease of use and high integrability.

The heart and soul of any brokerage is its CRM, so one that incorporates a popular platform like MT4 is key. It will mean that you and your clients will have better control over communications at all times while earning trust because you are utilising a tried and tested platform.

The same goes for IBs and your affiliate network. If you want full control over your brokerage, you must know at any given time how many leads are inbound and where they sit in the acquisition cycle, and even more importantly, how much commission you owe to partners.

We provide you with the means to carry out all these essential tasks in one place.

We can make an immediate and significant impact on your brokerage with the best Forex CRM software available. The benefits include:

  • Controlling confidential data and managing client interactions. Communication with clients is easy with systems such as telephony and real-time email responders.
  • The ability to identify customer acquisition metrics. 
  • Our system allows for API integrations with existing tools like MT4/MT5, traders room, and other 3rd party tools. (Web and mobile)
  • Increasing workforce efficiencies.

Lead Management

Ultimately a CRM's success will be measured by how many leads it helps a brokerage acquire. Our platform will help you to identify prospects, communicate with them and record their entire journey. With our tools, you can drill down to determine what is working and what isn't and also resolve pain points to keep producing hot leads. Your sales team will have all the tools to provide meaningful communications with your clients.

Additionally, you can import existing leads from a file, register new leads via dedicated landing pages and create leads manually.


Our CRM is designed to offer more transparent communications between you, your team members and between your brokerage and your wider network. It can sometimes be a complicated task to control affiliates and how much commission you owe each party. Still, one of our main advantages is our CRM's effectiveness when it comes to monitoring and managing your IB's. 


Immediately after implementation, our CRM will track your clients through the complete lifecycle. You will have access to detailed analytics to give you insight into their movements and habits. 

You will have access to information about deposits and withdrawals, sales volume, client count, call duration numbers, etc.

White Label MT4 Forex CRM Software

Your logo, slogan, colors, etc. All make your brokerage identifiable and trustworthy. However, it shouldn't end there. Every facet of your brokerage should be based on trust. Our white label CRM helps you to build that trust with your clients. In an environment where potentially sensitive issues may occur, you must professionally represent your brokerage in all communications and the tools you offer them. 

Finally, our aim is to help facilitate success. We recognise that our CRM could potentially be the backbone of your business, and we know you will ultimately decide our success. We can confidently say we have a system in place that can relieve the usual stress and frustrations which occur with inferior systems. Through the years, our experience in this sector has grown, and we know we have built the best Forex CRM system on which you can truly rely.

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