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Popcorn Technology: Short Look on Back Office

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Why is Back Office system vitally important to a business owner? It provides the key to effective and easy maintaining of business processes to succeed your brokerage. 

PopcornTec’s Back Office has all the necessary functions to both comfort and effective navigation on the “Trader’s Area.” It was created for traders and business to save their time and increase the effectiveness of the processes. Don’t miss any important event in daily business processes! 


All information, including the client’s data, their activities, trading accounts, and documents are located here. You can manually promote your clients with access to their Personal Area and manage this section through various options such as: approve their accounts, confirm emails, and much more.


The withdrawals of funds on your platforms are available in this section. Manually control the withdrawal process by confirming or rejecting requests. You can check the number of withdrawals here as well as the client’s withdrawals history. 


Here you can control your client's deposits. It’s very easy to understand how it works. We’ve tried to make a universal interface to all sections. You can also manage retention and other options here.


Affiliates section provides you full information about your affiliates and partners (and their traffic). Thanks to affiliate statistics, you can control the results of your partnership.


All you need to know about your traffic, its sources, time, and other options are here. We created different graphs to make this data comfortable and easy to understand. High your results!

News Section

Create news, share data by publishing them via this form. It’s a simple and effective tool to provide your partners and managers with important up-to-date information. 

Would you like to know more about how clever set up Back Office that can influence your business effectiveness?



Request a demo version HERE right now or contact us to learn more about our product &

solution to get consulting from our broker specialists to better ascertain your business and

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