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Start a Forex Brokerage With Popcorn Technology

Forex Brokerage

If you are considering a move into the brokerage business, then you have undoubtedly been navigating the financial markets for some time. You will likely understand how daunting and somewhat complicated a venture it may seem. Here at Popcorn Technology, we aim to provide you with the knowledge and services you need to start a forex brokerage and earn yourself a foothold in this multi-trillion dollar industry.

The tools required to start a forex brokerage

To start a forex brokerage, you will need access to world-class tools and a team of knowledgeable professionals. The cost of setting up a forex brokerage can be substantial so you must ensure your capital is put to good use. Popcorn Technology is here to help, and in this article, we will break down the vital components a brokerage needs in order to operate. 

The CRM system

Arguably a CRM system is one of the most critical areas within a brokerage. It is the beating heart of your business. Which instruments you choose and the value you pose to your target market counts for nothing if you fail to deal with your customers correctly, politely and courteously. Your CRM has to be different from what's already available to the market. It has to be efficient, facilitate improved cooperation between brokers, connect with your PSP of choice and ultimately increase profitability. 

That is why we have built a CRM that requires little active management, that allows you to concentrate on other essential business functions. When you start a forex brokerage firm, you will undoubtedly be inundated with the minutiae of day to day operations. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have taken care of customer relations? 

Additionally, unlike other CRM types, we have designed and developed our system to integrate with the MT4 platform fully. 

At Popcorn Technology, we invest heavily in our people. When you invest in our products, you also get access to our online help center that covers all angles for you to gain the maximum from our CRM and in addition support from our incredible team of professionals who have refined their skills dealing with start-ups just like you. 

However, support doesn't start and end with our incredible CRM and back-office capabilities, we also offer vital white label services like website design, branded MT4 platform, tech, and marketing support. All of which will help to steer your venture toward success.

Because we are a 360-degree solution, we offer an array of products to empower you to make informed economic decisions to put you and your company head and shoulders above the competition. The forex market is highly competitive, and to ensure you can compete, you need access to people who can help you to forge your reputation.


We can do as much or as little as you like. Our experts can take care of all of your online branding needs. Whether it be choosing a logo or creating financial documents, we want to set you apart from the competition to attract more leads and more revenue.

Lead Management

All our systems are conveniently linked, making your brokerage a lead generating machine that can be fully tracked and be highly customizable. We provide you with the analytical tools to empower you to squeeze the most out of every opportunity. 

We can provide you with qualified leads from several geographical locations. We can connect you to different traffic providers based on your needs.

Additionally, we offer an affiliate program within our systems to help you connect with relevant partners.

Our CRM system is designed to integrate with our white label MT4 trading platform, in addition, you can connect easily to any VOIP provider you wish independently.
We understand the value of IB’s management and that feature alone gives you complete control over the whole operation with a click of a button and provides you with the power to make informed marketing decisions when it comes to sending the relevant leads to the relevant office.

The platform

You will likely be familiar with MT4, and our white label platform offers all the usual functions to which you are accustomed to. However, from the point of view of a brokerage firm, you must provide the latest products to your customers. That is why we have made features like PAMM and Exact Copier available to you and your customers if you need them.

You will have access to the full suite of PAMM settings to help you manage the levels of MMs rewards, onboarding and trading statistics.

Exact Copier will enable you to offer a valuable trade copying program to your customers.

Back office solutions

Regardless of how large or small your brokerage is, your back-office functionality is a critical part of the overall process. In your formative years, it's important to balance cost and the potential for growth, and it is a dilemma faced by every business owner. However, we can offer you peace of mind with our professional back-office solution. We can handle documentation, money flow, customer deposits and withdrawals, platform issues, mange KYC documents and more. We can handle your business and most importantly, we can also adapt to an increased workload as and when you grow. 

We are proud of our latest Fintech solutions, and we are excited to offer them to you.


We can instantly connect you with the provider of your choice.

Of course, as a brokerage, you must provide your customers with a system that is easy and convenient to use. A pain point at the payment stage will inevitably turn a hot lead into a cold one. 

We can help you to facilitate all methods of payment like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, etc.

Finally, we have established relationships with many highly regarded financial institutions to give you, and consequently, your customers access to the latest and most secure services.

Tech Support

Of course, it goes without saying. We provide essential tech support to your brokerage. Our systems are robust, but in the unlikely event that something should go wrong, we offer 24/6 support to you and your employees.

We are dedicated to helping you make a success of your venture. With access to professional level tools, analytics and our connections to the best financial institutions, you will have the highest possible chance of succeeding.

Start a forex brokerage the right way. We can help you realize your full potential. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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