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Starting Brokerage Business: Make It Easy With Popcorn Technology

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Brokerage Business isn’t a straightforward thing, but it is very attractive for stable and long-time investments. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs and investors choose this area to start a new business. Here is a moment they face a lot of obstacles; Popcorn Technology was created to solve them in just a few clicks. 

Who We Are

Popcorn Technology was developed as a one-box solution. It offers you modern CRM system with your preferable affiliate system, as well as auto dialer, telephony API (friendly to any VOIP technology) and an ability to work on the world’s best MT4/5 trading platform. Is this enough to successfully start without any pain? Sure, but we also care about your comfort and provide our partners with an experienced support team 24/6. 


Furthermore, the successful brokerage does need a smart and valid analytics and marketing team to adapt the product to market (and client’s purposes). That’s why we started our work on Popcorn Technology with the question: “What is a true need of our partners in this business? How can we help them?”. We’ve found that marketing support and decent strategies are part and parcel of a smooth start. That’s why we concluded that we should provide the best creative and marketing support in the niche. PopcornTec provides you with creative content, landing pages, and gives both technical and innovative solutions for your business in one box.


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