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The Importance of A Using A Forex CRM To Improve Profitability

Forex CRM

 During a recent zoom conference with Finance Magnates, Popcorn Technology executives stated that one of their key focus areas is to drive ROI from their CRM.

The Popcorn executives harped how important their Forex CRM was for segmenting their databases around criteria and information central to upcoming campaigns. A functional Forex CRM can segment traders into audiences based on anything from their geo-locations to the instruments they trade, parameters such as lead source, trading behavior, document status, and KYC settings.

Getting the Right Day by Segmentation

At present, most brokers rely on their Forex CRM business intelligence tools to provide them with data to report on particular groups of clients rapidly. For example, suppose you wanted to run a campaign targeting all gold traders. In that case, you might compile a  report to give you a list of traders who have placed positions on XAU for the past three months. You can then email them directly from your brokerage management platform with a personalized marketing template for your increasing business operation.

We've even heard brokers mention that the more specific or targeted their campaign messaging to prospects or existing clients, the better their conversion, volumes, and overall ROI.

Easy Customization and Reporting

There are endless possibilities for segmenting and customizing campaign audiences from your consumer profile database. One of the full capacities of an FX CRM is the ability to gauge the success of a campaign after the fact.

You could follow up a targeted email campaign by re-running the audience report segmenting the data to understand who opened a trade response to your communication efforts. That way, you could build another email campaign to retarget the traders who didn't act, with messaging that reiterates key benefits and helps them get trading again.

Taking Advantage of a Client Portal

So we've seen how data collected by the CRM database can be used to build sales and marketing campaigns.

By having an integrated client portal and Forex CRM system, all information gathered in your CRM can be used to deliver targeted messages to clients when they are in their most receptive mindset.

Sending personalized messages via your client portal at this time -when you have a trader's attention, can help you to get more interaction or visibility on your campaigns. You could even promote specific actions that you want them to take or show them relevant information in ads or content pieces.

Using a Forex CRM to get the most out of your sales team and agents

Your sales team needs to be up to date on their assigned traders' activities at all times, not only to ensure sales targets are being reached but also to communicate well with a potential lead or an existing client.

A specifically developed Forex CRM will provide your sales teams with a full log of communication activity with a lead or individual trader. This way, your teams can share and maintain important notes about the trader's character and what interests them, facilitating a personalized, relationship-based experience for the trader.

A good CRM will help to monitor your sales staff and partner performance, your CRM should be able to provide daily customizable reports that help you keep an eye on all actions.

 By knowing where to take action, you can ensure to keep your top performers happy with quick payouts and personalized relationships with your business and when to prompt partners to pick up their efforts or cut ties with poor performers.

Ultimately a powerful Forex CRM can help you achieve your goals, take advantage of successful campaigns, change behaviors, and resolve issues before they grow. The PopcornTec One Box Solution is a CRM designed and developed to help you monitor your brokerage easily and quickly

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