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The most important step to open your own business!

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Everybody knows about the motivational materials (articles, videos, etc.) how to improve or create your own business with ease. But these algorithms are always pretty similar and very far from reality, where you need to confront it or move in symbiosis with it. We don’t prefer to inspire, or we do it in a certain amount. #Popcorntec prefers to act and share the results with our clients and partners.

It’s clear, that if an entrepreneur is ready to start an own #brokerage, he don’t need step-by-step motivational materials, but the professional and qualified support.  More, you can share your experience with these early steps in the opening of the business by yourself.

#Popcorntec team think next. No matter how many steps you take, the last one should be directed to the final organization of the daily business processes. We mean #CRM, setup, and interaction in the tech questions, the process management, and its primary purposes.

You can solve these issues once and forever with ONE box #Popcorntec solutions for #brokerage. More, our team is always in a research process to make our product actual and relevant to any fluctuations and challenges. Thank it, you can focus on a strategy and gain high results without being involved in many routine processes.

We provide you:

  • Find a financial jurisdiction most appropriate for you
  • We assist you in getting the appropriate license and setting up relationships with the reliable liquidity providers
  • Our team set up and provide clients with preferred payment methods
  • All tech soft: #frontend, #CRM, #backoffice, #VOIP, #telephony and more!
  • All around professional and inclusive 24/5 support
  • Marketing and creative solutions, advisory, and materials

Our specialists will help you to approach #CRM integration to your business carefully and intelligently.


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