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To Be The Best Forex Broker, You Need The Best Fx White Label Solution

Fx White Label Solution

Introduction To Fx White Label Solutions

Since 2000 online trading in currency pairs, otherwise referred to as forex ( foreign exchange ) has become one of the largest growing sectors of the financial markets. Many businessman who are looking to start a new business with a forex white label solution find forex online trading the perfect opportunity. Experienced forex affiliates, IBs, sales and marketing experts who want to expand their reach are looking for the best Fx white label solution.

Why Does Forex & CFD Trading Attract So Many Forex White Label Brokers?

The forex market now exceeds 6.6 trillion dollars (yes that is 6,600,000,000,000.00) in turn over daily. CFD online trading has become the largest growing investment vehicle in the markets. If you are thinking about becoming a forex & CFD broker, you need the best white label forex trading platform that gives you and your clients the fastest execution of their trades and a complete range of assets to trade.

You do not need to keep searching for the best Fx white label solution provider; with Popcorn you get the most respected mt4 white label platform available. To check out the versatility and features of the MT4 platform click here for an easy demonstration.

What Does An Fx White Label Broker Do?

Finding the perfect white label forex trading platform is just one of the solutions that you need to launch your forex white label brokerage. Securing and retaining clients with a great forex white label trading platform is just the start. Offering the buying and selling of stocks, commodities, currencies and indices, as well as cryptocurrencies requires a advanced and flexible technology and is great deal of work in itself. Popcorn Technology provides you a full Fx white label solution with the MT4 trading solution you need look no further.

How Do Forex White Label Brokers Earn Money?

Forex brokers earn money based the trading volume of their clients, this makes acquisition and conversion of leads and client retention the keys to ultimate success. A Fx white label broker needs a dynamic, technologically advance, easy to use and flexible CRM with great reporting and an easy to use backend. In this industry data analysis, lead control, and business reporting is crucial. The forex brokerage business is data driven and Popcorn gives you the tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips.

How Do You Become A Fx White Label Brand

Popcorn offers a complete Fx white label solution, that gives you the most respected MT4 trading platform as well as the perfect CRM that has been designed from the bottom up for forex white label brokers. Most forex and CFD solutions have been adopted and customized from other industries, whereas Popcorn’s CRM has been designed for the Fx white label broker.

What Do You Need To Be A Successful Fx White Label Broker?

A successful forex broker, needs data, data, data and this comes from having one of the best reporting solutions incorporated into an easy to customize Fx white label CRM.

Lead & Client Management is the key to success in the forex market.

  • Acquisition of Leads
  • Conversion of Leads
  • Retention of Clients

The Popcorn’s CRM provides you with all the lead management tools, up to the minute analysis and data and easy to personalize and customize solution that does not require your IT and Dev departments hours of time to add or adjust data and reports. The Popcorn CRM is jammed packed with dropdown menus to help you manipulate your data and analysis individually without any IT assistance.

With the right CRM you can grow. maximize your lead data, improve conversions and close clients fast. You will accelerate productivity and handle more leads more effectively which translates to more profit and lower expenses. To take a test drive, click here to schedule a meeting with a Popcorn Technology expert.

What Does The Popcorn Technology CRM Do?

The Popcorn white label solution provides a would be Fx white label broker the best tools in the market to reach success. The Popcorn CRM will automate your lead and sales pipeline reducing your workload to achieve success.

You can set up automatic alarms, reminders and notification. You can move your leads from one team mate to another. You can easily monitor your sales desks as well as manage your IBs. You will supercharge your workload and data analysis. You can see the big picture or micromanage any department or level.

Advantages Of The Popcorn Technology Fx White Label Solution

The CRM allows for easy onboarding of clients and fast approval and monitoring of clients. The Popcorn CRM will help you stay on top of your customer support and help build robust relationships.

When you are looking for an outstanding CRM there are many factors that you need to look at. Popcorn offers them all within their complete solution in a full program that is easy integrate with third party providers. In many cases there is no development time and no costs to add third party supplies. The Popcorn system grows as you grow.

  • Fast Customization
  • Easy Data Analysis
  • Gain Business Insights
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Advanced Privacy
  • Secure Data Protection
  • Improved Retention
  • Better Company Communication
  • Maximize Your Efforts
  • Increased Productivity

Finding The Best Fx White Label Solution Is The Key

There are infinite benefits for a fully customizable online trading CRM that has been developed exclusively for Fx white label brokers. Increase sales conversion while improving client retention with better productivity and lower costs. This spells success for a white label forex trading platform.

The best way for you to make the best decision when you are looking for a Fx white label solution provider is taking a test drive. Sign up for your test drive and within minutes you will be using our CRM and you will be amazed. We invite you to try us out. You will find our client support staff knowledgeable, efficient and helpful.

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