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Utility of Business Conferences

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The benefits of meetings and conferences for business owners and top specialists are apparent. So apparent that a lot of business trainers, gurus and coaches spammING your Facebook or Linkedin news with new events and meetings, where they will try to sell you themselves and their ideas (much of them are not backed with real experience). So, many entrepreneurs skip most events and focus on routine, thinking it is more useful and vital for work for now. 

After 2, 3, or a maximum of five years, we can discover that the world and business world itself has changed. It uses different styles, methods, while we are trying to survive in a brave new world and make the last profits from old-fashioned, inefficient, but regular. 

So, why do you need to find and visit one event roughly every 2-3 months?

  • New meetings and motivation from being in a friendly professional atmosphere
  • Further meetings can be easily converted in business relationships, contracts, etc.: event “gifts” you profits
  • Every good event is right for your mental balance, good health, and optimistic mood. It is very viable in a long-term play
  • Events help you to develop yourself, your business, and strategy vision without any forcing or uncomfortable conditions.

Don’t miss your chance to find like-minded people and new advantages. An event is a place where you can tight new connections, and they may increase your income, working instead of you.

True to own principles, we are attending the  London Expo (13-14 Nov. 2018) and iFX EXPO ASIA (Jan. 2019). Meet us at Booth 46 (London) and Booth 75 (Hong Kong, Expo Asia).



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