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What Is Needed To Start FX Brokerage?

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A brokerage is a developed type of business. It requires both skill and understanding of all the bureaucracy processes related to it. 

The brokerage has many branches, and FX brokerage is one of them, being regulated by the same rules. However, some of the regulatory norms are different. 

Who is a broker-dealer? It’s a person who manages the business of effecting transactions in securities. He is a dealer if he engages it for his own, and he is a broker if he engages it for the account of others. 

Let’s take a VERY brief look to all operational and other requirements to start FX brokerage:

  1. Choose financial jurisdiction
  2. Get the appropriate license and set up relationships with banks as liquidity providers
  3. Learn more about specific traits of FX and CFDs
  4. Set the technology you work with (including infrastructure, technology, risks, etc.)
  5. Create a marketing and sales teams plus test their efficiency (front-end, CRM, Back-office and more)
  6. Find Clients & Start Working

Launching your brokerage takes time and money; addressing consulting services will also cost much time and funds. Alternatively, you can cut your expenses by choosing a one box solution provided by Popcorn Technology at a reasonable price, including 24/6 support and necessary training from our brokerage specialists, as well as tech and marketing advisory. You may build a decent and useful clients base on this platform and start your FX brokerage today with very affordable price.

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