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Why is a white label brokerage platform so important?

white label brokerage

What is my branded online trading business?

There are two forward-facing issues a broker needs to deal with at once.

  • Website branding and company
  • White label brokerage platform

These two issues are vitally important as this is what the worlds see about you. This is your message telling potential clients and traders who you are and what you offer and why you are better or different.

Your branding is crucial, but keep in mind you can update and adjust your content and images as you define your vision. During your initial set up, the experts at Popcorn Technologies will help develop your branding and set up your website. Together with you, they will bring your brand to life.

What is my white label forex trading platform?

The second issue is your white label brokerage platform. This needs to be carefully thought out as it is virtually impossible to change platform providers midstream. Your platform is where your traders do their actual trading, and also your demo platform is what helps you secure new traders.

Popcorn Technology offers the world's most respected platform from MetaTrader. Choosing the right trading platform or software is one of the critical first steps of running a successful white label program. Unfortunately, many new companies opt for the free, proprietary platforms that some brokerage firms offer.

If your potential customers are not familiar with the platform that you decide to go with, it'll be more challenging to convince them to open accounts with your firm.

When it comes to retail Forex, the software that most currency traders use and prefer is Metatrader 4, a.k.a., MT4. The Metatrader platform, developed by MetaQuotes, has been in existence since 2003 and has gone through various version changes and upgrades over the years.

The MT4 solution offered by PopcornTec is available in a downloadable and a web trader format, MacIOS, and Andriod apps. It will work across all devices and offers your trader all the solutions they could want.

What Assets Are Available?

Popcorn Tech and the MT4 platform provide an entire range of financial assets. The most popular assets are currently forex and cryptocurrency. You will also be able to offer commodities such as gold and oil or indices like the S&P500 or the Dow Jones. Our white label stock trading platform is one of the most favorites, and traders love Facebook and Google.

The MT4 platform gives you endless choices. Now that we have addressed the forward-facing parts of your business, you need to spend the time and effort, making sure you get the best solutions and software possible for operating your business.

What do you need to manage your online-trading business?

It seems at this point all potential new business owners want to jump right into their marketing plans, but this is putting the horse before the cart.

Once you have set to bed your website branding and your trading platform, the hard part comes, and that is how to manage your business. How to handle and optimize your leads and your traders. How to know what they think before they do. How to keep on top of them and how to hold onto your clients.

How do you know what your business is doing and if you are not missing opportunities?

How do you monitor your sales staff and your affiliates? How do you secure and share data with your introducing brokers? This is where Popcorn Technology excels.

Popcorn Technology has developed its unique and fully customizable CRM and back-office exclusively for the white label brokerage platform providers.

Popcorn's Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) was designed solely for facilitating forex/bullion brokerage companies to manage all the Introducing Brokers (IBs) and clients efficiently.

It assists in streamlining and standardizing the operation processes, resulting in reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing customer retention. The sophisticated cloud-based CRM system integrates seamlessly with the MT4 platform.

It has a fully integrated affiliate system with multi-tier rebate capabilities that allow brokers to grow their brokerage business rapidly. By introducing new functions to cater to different business models, our CRM system can help brokers manage their entire business effectively while reducing trading risk.

How can I report and monitor my online-trading business?

You can automatically deliver important information (such as cut loss, deposit/withdraw, reset password) or promotion messages to investors' mobile phones, alleviating the workload of back-office and applying for marketing promotion

In today's regulatory and legal environment, our easy to operate KYC features allow you to track and monitor your traders as well as provide government reporting when necessary. Our features also easily integrate with third-party providers so that you can use other automated systems.

The Back Office Solution includes administrative functions, which can be combined with the Customer's trading platform and allows the Customer:

  • enforcing compliance procedures and controlling customers' financial flows;
  • managing any kind of monetary transactions (depositing/withdrawing/transferring) between the client's multi-currency account and the client's trading accounts, opened within the trading platform;
  • creating trading account groups within the trading platform;
  • tracking the balances of all client's accounts within the financial organization.

Popcorn has developed a world-class back-office system to help brokers monitor and understand their businesses. The flexible reports and business AI is easy to use and customize. Generate various valuable reports using the advanced configurable tools provided. Usefully customizable dashboards to visualize comparisons, manage risk and compliance, view patterns and trends in sales, as well as in marketing. The Popcorn Technology CRM and back-office can provide every report you will ever need.

Contact Popcorn today and arrange a demo or a consultation with one of our professional managers.

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