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Why is better to have 360° solution with #PopcornTec

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#Popcorntec 360° solution involves three main branches vital to your business effectiveness. A lot of #CRM and #brokerage solutions providers offer the products to solve just one part of the problems. But using different products from different providers will generate a lot of new problems (mainly, in integration), so an entrepreneur (or business owner) can face a vicious circle. #PopcornTechnology suggests a three-part 360° solution to solve all your challenges once and forever:

360° Tech Solutions

  1. Integration with the #MT4/ #MT5 trading platform
  2. Adapted to mobile, tablets and desktops 
  3. Smart leads management with lead cards, campaigns and more
  4. #VOIP and #AutoDialer : plug and play any #VOIP provider to #PopcornTec’s #CRM
  5. Analytical reports: sort by source, dates, language, statuses and more
  6. Calendar and automatic notifications for your agents 


Our marketing solutions were designed to improve your client’s CE (client experience). Next, we offer you original and creative marketing proposals to make sure that your client’s CE is on its top as well. 

According to statistic, 60% of customers pay a lot of attention to their CE on your websites, applications, etc. That’s why we’ve gathered together a team of skilled and enthusiastic experts to provide your campaigns with the most relevant content and creative (as well as effective) design ideas.


Tech and marketing both exist to increase your sales potential to the currently possible maximum.

The system is set up to be comfortable in using both for you and for your clients - brokers who communicate with you every day. Sales in #brokerage mean deposits, and you can track and check everything about them in our #CRM. Sort them by categories (source, date, language, status, etc.) or make notes to remember every detail, which is a vital feature of this business. Such simple and well-developed things are the key instruments for the #brokers who know how to conduct this business. Today you can join their experience with 360° solutions for #brokerage from #Popcorntec. 


Feel free to contact us to learn more or ask any question about Popcorn Technology 


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