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Why MT4 platform?

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Starting a #brokerage is a real challenge to a businessman, who decided to invest funds into #forex #brokerage. You will face many challenges, but in this article, we want to focus your attention on the really important and vital question: why to choose a #MT4 platform to trust it all your #brokerage processes.

We’ve chosen the three most essential issues which can solve your profit by using #MT4 platform. They may turn your user experience in a comfortable journey into financial markets. Let’s take a short look at these main advantages of the #MT$ based platforms:


Using  #MT4 gives you benefits of the VPS (virtual private server). By providing a small fee, traders can use a VPS each month or get free access to it from a broker. You can run MT4 platform remotely on the VPS server. Automated trading becomes fast and reliable.  Also, this will support your security and back you with the round support of IT and #broker support specialists. #PopcornTechnology provides you with the VPS, tuned personally to your business purposes with all listed advantages included.

Multiple Devices

MT4 is available on Windows PC, iPhone, Android, and different web browsers. You can track a single account login from all devices synchronously. A trader/broker can set up his clients/orders/trades and other stuff from the office, then control every process remotely. So he/she doesn't need to stay near the office computer to manage its work.


When the first  #MT4 version was released in a far 2005 year, the introduction of the expert advisors (EAs) became the most prominent and promising function. It is still on its top place between other platforms. What is EA? EA (expert advisors) is a software code, created by #trader to automate a trading strategy on the #MT4 platform. It is a great possibility to increase trading opportunities or allow a trader to be at hand while offline because Forex is a 24-hour market.

We think that focusing on strategic issues is the main priority for our clients.

Let us help you and provide with all needed options to start #successful #brokerage while you are paying attention to other important priorities.



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