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Why You Should Choose A Forex White Label Solution

Forex White Label Solution

What Is A White Label Forex Trading Platform

Forex white label solutions are becoming more and more popular in the trading world, and using the services of an fx white label provider has become the easiest way for a brand to enter the trading arena.

The ‘white’ in white label means blank. When companies sell any of their products, they use a name to denote which brand they are. So, if you buy a Nike t-shirt, it has a Nike label on it. However, often companies sell their products to other companies, who then resell it under their name. In the forex market, it means that you are using the technology of a provider instead of trying to develop new technology. Allowing for fast implementation and development provides you the tried and true platform, CRM, and back-office. In the case of an fx white label, the user only sees your branding.

If you wanted to sell t-shirts but didn’t want to bother with setting up a factory, you can buy white label shirts from a manufacturer and place your label on the product. They are white label products because they are to be branded by the reseller. Popcorntec provides a One Box solution that gives you everything you need to design and launch your brand. They also offer the expertise and support to get you moving forward.

White Label Trading Solutions

Now, think of it in terms of trading solutions. Trading solutions for platforms are challenging to develop. They need ironclad security features, they need to be compliant with hundreds of different trading and financial regulations, and they need to work correctly with all the existing trading exchanges. The process is so complicated that a standard software development team wouldn’t even want to develop one, and development studios that do develop trading solutions are considered financial development experts. This is why Popcorn offers the leading trading platforms from MetaTrader. The MetaTrader 4 white label forex trading platform provides a downloadable professional platform, a WebTrader and iOs versions, and mobile applications.

Now, if you are starting your own trading company and offering trading services, you will need to provide a trading solution to your customers. A small trading company cannot afford to have its unique trading platform developed and maintained, so they rely on white label providers such as Popcorn.

So what they do instead is they get a white label trading solution, customize it according to their own needs and their target market, and provide it to customers. Popcorn also offers a completely customizable CRM and back-office designed for the financial markets that integrate with the MT4 platform solutions.

The Advantages of White Label Trading Solutions

The white label trading solution has been tested with time and has an outstanding reputation. It is kept updated by MetaTrader. It will cost a fraction compared to what you would have had to pay to get your solution developed. So you spend less money but get a much better solution that you could have hoped for. That is why you should choose to go with a white label trading solution. There is a lot more than just selecting the platform. You need to select a provider who has the expertise to implement the platform, develop your branded website, and provides you with a robust backend to manage your business.

Why Are A CRM And Backoffice A Part Of A White Label Solution?

Today, traders, affiliates, and IBs are demanding more technology and more information. That’s why some of the industry’s most influential companies rely on Popcorn Tech’s CRM to merge their customer’s information and data with their personal experiences, across every medium and deliver exceptional analytics and insight.

The Popcorn CRM integrates social, mobile, and cloud to take productivity to unprecedented levels. White label brokers can provide seamless, proactive, personal services that build more reliable connections with traders and associates. Popcorn Technology’s CRM is trusted by the top world’s financial companies.

When you combine the Popcorn CRM with its robust and customizable back office, you end up with a technologically advanced internal system to generate limitless financial reports– enabling you to do real-time financial analysis, intelligent planning, and expedient analytics. Get a complete picture of your organization’s revenue. Automate complex recognition calculations, eliminate passé spreadsheets, and adhere to ever-evolving revenue recognition standards.

To sum it up, Popcorn Technology is the white label solution provider that you should be working with if you want a comprehensive and complete technology program with outstanding features and the best customer support in the industry. If you are ready to start your brokerage, contact Popcorn Technology. It is the best decision you can make.

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