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Broker Solutions |

Whether you are a professional broker or just want to start your brokerage, Popcorn Technology offers you the wide range of broker solutions you need to successfully run your business. Only one box includes all the necessary tools to support your brokerage. Experience the power of fully integrated, auto dialed, telephony API which connects to any VOIP technology, affiliate system, platform MT4, branded websites and a user-friendly back office.

Popcorn Technology provides you the most optimal and profitable ready-for-use product. Be one step ahead with our professional team, who are ready to support you at every stage of development.

Popcorn Technology has suitable variant for business sharks in the world of trading as well as solutions for beginners. If you decided to take the first step to success, CRM from Popcorn Technology is the best for newcomers, who consider setting up their own brokerage. A minimal package of complete solutions will assist a fresh businessperson to set up their own business with all the necessary tools. Our team completely personalises your website and trading platform according to your requirements. You can be sure of your uniqueness.

Marketing and IT management will help you to save your time and money, as well as improve the overall success of your business. Our affiliate system helps you to achieve your desired goals. Build your brokerage step by step with us today.


If you are an existing broker, try our offer to appreciate all its benefits and raise your business to new unprecedented heights. Fully managed and customisable CRM system with a convenient interface, white label MT4 trading platform, affiliate system and marketing support – all these are now a reality. Take full control over all processes and get the opportunity to attract new partners to cooperate. Popcorn Technology has a full kit of solutions to help you boost your profits. Our variant is perfect for brokers that understand forex market brokerage, have their own customer database and perhaps have worked as representatives or IBs.


Startup brokers


Get the ready-for-use solution to start your brokerage. Feel confident with the support of our professional team.


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Existing brokers


Control all the business processes and attract new partners with our 360-degree solution. Take your success to new heights with Popcorn Technology.


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Regulated broker


We can help if you want to become a fully regulated broker.


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