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Solutions for Existing Brokers |

We understand that forex brokers want to differentiate themselves and meet client demand as efficiently as possible. In such a crowded marketplace as forex, it makes no sense to do the same thing as every other broker. To help you with this, Popcorn Technology offers a package of forex trading services. For instance, we provide a trading platform that is one of the best white label forex solutions. The list of trading tools to improve your business environment is almost too long to list.

Existing Brokers bundle includes:


  • White Label MetaTrader 4
  • Trader's Area
  • CRM
  • Advanced Platform for Traders
  • Financial Services
  • Website

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MT4 for a Forex Trading Brokerage


The powerful MetaTrader 4 trading system enables you to implement various forex strategies. It makes forex trading flexible and convenient. You will be offering your clients a chance to work on MT4 under its own label and your traders will be operating with a number of analytical objects and technical indicators. If there is a movement in the forex market, they will know about it, have a tool to analyse it, and provide a timely reaction.

DMA Service to Boost Your Forex Brokerage


Direct market access (DMA) provides you with a connection to financial market exchanges. It answers for a trader’s full transparency of an exchange order book and all of its trade orders. DMA will streamline the brokerage process to make it more efficient and cost-efficient.

Traders’ Room - Area for Boosting Your Forex Brokerage


This area was created to give traders plenty of professional experience. A Trader’s Room provided by Popcorn Technology has many facilities that will make trading convenient, simple and easy. It will help you reduce back office work as most of the primary and basic steps of making deals will be done by traders. Trader’s Room provides many convenient mechanisms for prime brokerage like opening new accounts, replenishing deposits, withdrawing assets at any time, reviewing trading history and much more. We also have special white label offers for prime brokers in this field.

Effective CRM


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a strategy aimed at managing an organisation's relationships, interactions with customers and potential clients. It helps trading firms stay connected to customers, streamlines brokerage processes, and improves profitability. The goal of a CRM system is simple: to improve business relationships. Forging good relationships and keeping track of trading prospects and customers is crucial for customer acquisition. Our company offers efficient white label products and CRM service is one of them. In a CRM system developed by Popcorn Technology you can see everything in one place. We also offer CRM solutions for prime brokers.

Prime Brokerage for Advanced Traders


For experienced traders we offer a group of sophisticated white label services. Forex prime brokers provide a wide variety of custodial and financial services to their clients. The services provided under prime brokerage include securities lending, leveraged trade executions and cash management. Prime brokerage services are provided by most of the large financial services firms. Popcorn Technology offers a wide choice of white label trading solutions for prime brokerage.

WEB API MT4 - FX Best Broker’s Tool


With the API MetaTrader4 broad functionality can be even wider. Application Program Interface (API) allows you to integrate new functions into the platform, combine it with other white label solutions and customise it for a variety of unique tasks. It is focused on marketing teams and developers targeting brokers using MT4. The list of API advantages includes:


  • Focusing on Mobile applications for Traders
  • Integration with email marketing service providers and third-party CRM solutions
  • Focusing on trading competitors
  • Choosing the best forex brokerage sites for MT4
  • Targeting on Internal management analysis
  • Advanced white label solutions
  • After choosing our MT4 API you get an efficient tool for forex brokerage

Enjoy the whole package of white label tools prepared for prime brokers. Popcorn Technology offers effective trading schemes for white label brokerage.

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