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Forex Affiliate Program |

As part of Popcorn Technology’s white label offering, we offer a forex affiliate program that will help boost your brokerage business. Whether your forex brokerage is big or small, the success of it depends on good quality leads.


The forex affiliate program allows you to track and control how leads are processed, including how many deposits were acquired from new users. Popcorn Technology works in partnership with a wealth of lead providers and will assist in the management of sales leads. The forex affiliate program is an effective tool for growing your brokerage business.

Forex Affiliate Leads


Popcorn Technology offer high-quality traffic and forex leads from a number of different geographic locations. Whether you are looking to start small or to engage at a higher level, we can meet your forex affiliate lead needs. With hundreds of leads received every day, it can be quite a challenging task to identify which leads are really promising and where they stand in your sales pipeline. The forex affiliate lead tracking solutions from Popcorn Technology will give you a clear understanding of where your leads are in the acquisition life cycle.

Our lead management system provides a systematic method of capturing, tracking and qualifying leads so that sales executives are always working on the most promising leads.


Forex Affiliate Program Features:


  • Data capture of leads in one place
  • Automatic lead capture
  • Managing sales activities
  • Prioritising leads
  • Generating reports
  • Processing high volumes of data
  • Following up on promising leads

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Forex Affiliate Lead Management Solution

As part of the complete forex affiliate lead management solution, you will also get a CRM goal system. Popcorn Technology provide a CRM integrated into the complete MT4 white label solution, equipped with telephony, forex affiliate tracking and multiple other elements to help you control all aspects of your forex business.


The Popcorn Technology CRM will enable you to see the number of leads sent to each of your partners. You will also see how many leads were called by the sales department, along with the call status and number of deposits converted. You will also be able to control the volume of deposits and our CRM will send email notifications in real-time.


A forex affiliate program with lead management integration is a highly effective way to boost the usage of your brokerage. Every successful forex broker needs a forex affiliate program and lead management system to properly acquire and track leads.


Get in contact with Popcorn Technology for more information and see how our forex affiliate system can help enhance your brokerage.

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