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Forex Trading Platform |

Popcorn Technology offers a complete forex trading platform that can be fully adapted to your brand. MetaTrader 4 creates comfortable trading environment for traders and offers a variety of additional trading tools. With our white label platform, you will be sure your clients are trading on the most popular forex trading platform in the world. Using Popcorn Technology’s MT4 white label solution is a huge advantage for your business, a key to success, and a basis for reliable reputation.


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White Label Forex Trading Platform Solution


Popcorn Technology’s white label forex trading platform offers advanced technology and security to traders. They can make trades without worrying about the platform stability or downtime issues. MT4 offers nine different time frames and three chart times included into the trading platform and has over fifty pre-installed technical indicators. All of this gives a forex trader the ability to monitor the market accurately and enter or exit the forex market with precise timing.


Millions of forex traders around the world use MT4, and our complete white label forex trading solution enables traders to access all the great features of this platform on your own branded website. Key benefits of the MT4 platform include:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Flexible Buying and Selling
  • Expert Advisors
  • PC, Mobile and Tablet Accessibility

For advanced users, the white label trading platform offers an inbuilt programming language to create trading bots. There is also the option for additional trading tools as well as the standard trading tool options.


Advantages of MT4 White Label Trading Platform


  • User friendly interface
  • Multi language support
  • Real-time newsfeed
  • Low resource cost
  • Secure data transfer

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Additional Trading Platform Features


PAMM system


 The new generation PAMM system comes with revolutionary user-friendly web interface:

  • Investors can choose money managers based on their visual trading statistics
  • Money managers can track their results with personal reports
  • Broker has full-access to the PAMM system settings, levels of MMs rewards, onboarding and trading statistics


Main features

  • Extremely high performance
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate trading volumes adjusted to eight digits after the comma
  • Precise P/L calculations


Exact Copier


Copying with various parameters with the opportunity to copy deals from several source accounts.

Helps brokers to create individual copy-trading program and increase trade turnover

  • 10 copying modes: same volume, reverse direction, multipliers, etc
  • Allows to copy SL/TP settings 
  • Multiple Source-Target chains with personal settings
  • Symbols Translation supported


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Trading Platform Bonuses


Bonus Manager


This application controls the usage of the credit given as bonus by removing credit when the predefined conditions are met.


This helps to eliminate risks connected with credit trading, as untimely cancellation of bonus may allow traders to perform fraud actions.


Bonus to Balance


Allows to create programs with non-credit bonus to stimulate existing clients trade and generate more and more volumes upon reaching the target traded volume.

In addition to all of the above benefits, Popcorn Technology offers 3 versions of the forex trading platform:

Desktop platform

Mobile platform

Web platform

What makes forex trading much more convenient is a mobile version MT4. It enables users to trade while using their smartphone and tablet devices and makes forex accessible anywhere in the world. It is one of the most popular services provided by Popcorn Technology. The MT4 mobile version includes full support for deal-making and offers broad analytical capabilities.


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