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MT4 grants an all-inclusive, easy-to-navigate and secure online trading experience on the most popular forex trading platform. MT4 platform provides flexible and customizable access to the sensitive data

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Using our trading platform you have the next opportunities:

  • View and update the client’s personal and trading data
  • Make a variety of reports
  • See online customers
  • Control leverages
  • Create multiple trading accounts

MT4 advantages

  • User-friendly interface
  • Extended set of graphic figures
  • Automated Trading
  • A wide range of trading tools
  • Multilanguage
  • News feed in real-time mode
  • Low resource cost
  • Secure data transfer

POPCORN TECHNOLOGY offers 3 versions of MT4:

  • Desktop platform
  • Mobile platform
  • Web platform

Fully Automated Trading Platform

We wanted to set a milestone in financial industry and created a new paradigm that totally reshaped the sector.

Presently, we focus on two major activities: manual trade and financial management.

We launched a “semi-automatic trading” service at the ATF platform to protect end users from any setback in the system’s work. Thus, if there’s some technical failure, the trading process will be completed automatically.

Clients can also set up risk levels by themselves; they can interrupt deals or trade while traveling by air.

Our platform enables you buying any assets in any market; however complicated they were (Crypto, Forex, etc.) You can also create portfolio management or hedge funds.

It’s a unique chance to use:

  • a white-label program available in both Google Play and the App Store
  • a broker management system to combine pre-defined assets and strategies
  • push notifications to the promotion management system
  • total integration with PSP and MT4 managers

Our platform can be reached by everyone; it will boost your sales growth and calculates conversion rates faster than any other one.

To launch this virtual trading platform you’ll need an application based on Automatic Traded Funds (ETFS, etc.). They all can be bought at the ATF application marketplace.

With the ATF you can also develop your own indices:

  • Products with no analogues
  • Unique strategies
  • new brands
  • reliable financial instruments

Our platform enables you buying any assets in any market, however complicated they were (Crypto, Forex, etc.) You can also create portfolio management or hedge funds.

Mind, that your work is backed with 24/6 technical support.

The only thing you should do is to create your account and get started now!

MT4 trading platform integration

Well-tried, the most commonly used platform is the assurance of trouble-proof and secure trading.

POPCORN TECHNOLOGY provides fast and high-quality MT4 setup and support!

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