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PSP services are needed by every broker who wants to provide their clients with a complete toolkit of forex services, including easy and widely accessible payment solutions. Popcorn Technology connects you to any PSP that is convenient to you as a broker, and your clients.

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Those new to e-commerce often ask what is a Payment Service Provider or PSP? The answer is that today we can make online payments using credit cards, by scanning QR codes or authorizing payments from electronic wallets. Payment solution providers that use the software to satisfy the needs of their clients are known as Payment Service Providers or PSPs.

A forex business can't work without PSP. Forex companies require payment systems to process all payments related to settlements between the company and clients. Such solutions are offered by forex PSPs. PSP providers make forex payment systems convenient for both the user and the receiver.

Popcorn Technology connects you to whatever PSP you and your clients may need. We will do it quickly and in full accordance with international law. Your clients won’t face any problems with money transfers. In just a couple of days, you will be able to cooperate with your partners and clients from any part of the world.

The most popular money transfer methods are credit and debit cards. Forex PSP providers also offer alternative payment solutions, such as bank transfers, electronic wallets, etc. However, e-payment systems are easy-to-use and transfer money quickly. Such financial services make trading and banking procedures for brokers more convenient. Electronic payment solutions for brokerages help you with the following issues:


  • Reaching more clients from all over the world - convenient financial service for forex brokers
  • Making money transferring systems very quick and efficient
  • Boosting convenience of financial services for brokers
  • Using simple interface, so even a non-technical person can fulfill payment solutions in minutes
  • Making transfers safer, as soon as electronic payment systems offer highly effective security - this is vital for financial services for brokers


Popcorn Technology offers a wide range of secure financial technologies services for forex brokers. We have considerable experience in opening access to forex brokerage payment solutions. We are perfectly aware of all specialized aspects of PSP forex systems. Moreover, Popcorn Technology has established excellent long-term relationships with a number of reliable banks, if you prefer bank transfers.

Enjoy access to up-to-date financial systems! Choose quick and solid financial services for forex brokerage!

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