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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The goal of this system is simple: to improve your business cooperation and let you control all business in one program. A forex CRM system helps brokers to stay connected to clients and to streamline business processes and improve profitability.


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The Popcorn Technology CRM was developed for brokerages that wish to work with MT4/5 - the world’s most powerful and professional trading platform in the market. Our CRM has deep integration with MT4/5 and provides you with the full set of tools to manage your business and increase your revenue.


One of our main advantages is the ability to manage IBs, in order to have the power to control the whole operation from one place. It is the most user friendly way to manage your IBs with a click of a button.

What makes CRM for brokers so effective?


Forex CRM software includes a number of applications that can help you manage numerous business processes. It enables you to:

  • Access and manage information about your clients
  • Automate deals
  • Track leads
  • Manage marketing process
  • Use MT4 platform, telephony and affiliate systems integrated into one mechanism
  • Receive email notifications in a real time (about lead registration, etc.)
  • Make callbacks
  • Schedule tasks via a calendar with reminders

The list may go on, but these are the most demanded business solutions you can manage with the Popcorn Technology CRM for brokers.

Working with Leads


One of the important tasks you will solve with an effective forex CRM is leads management. CRM for brokers offers several methods to input leads effectively. You can:

  • Register new leads directly from a landing page
  • Import a list from a file
  • Create leads manually

CRM for forex brokers envisages functions that will help while working with lead cards. All the personal data on your traders, comments of your sales agents, and information on trading accounts will be gathered in one place.

Analytical Options


After implementation, CRM analytics offers insights to help you understand your business activity. It provides you with all the details about:


  • Deposit and withdrawal amounts
  • Volume of sales
  • Number of profiles
  • Number and duration of calls


Since any CRM for brokers is meant to streamline the company workflow, its analytical capabilities will surely help your business to close the gaps in your work. It also boosts cooperation between marketing, sales, and customer service departments.

Benefits of Using CRM for Brokers


Forex CRM developed by Popcorn Technology helps you better understand your clients, their needs, and what can be done to improve your collaboration. It also helps you with:


  • Enhancing customer relationship management
  • Better communication,
  • Higher revenues,
  • Stronger business.

Our CRM platform can also connect to other business apps that help you to improve customer relationship management. Forex CRM solutions can integrate with any of your favorite business tools, such as document signing, accounting and billing, and surveys, so that information flows both ways to give you all-round information about your customer.


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